About Take A Taxi

Why you choose our taxis

  • Luxurious and comfortable taxi transport
  • Easy to book online
  • Sharp rates for each taxi ride
  • Predefined rates, no surprises
  • Our cars are available 24 hours a day and 7 days

More than a regular taxi company!

If you are looking for a reliable taxi in Amsterdam then you are at the right place. We of Take A Taxi will bring you carelessly from A to B. Our Taxi company is committed to bringing you to your desired address in a comfortable and fast way. We drive in and around Amsterdam city. This has the advantage that you can quickly get to your destination in and around the city. Transport safety, service and transport comfort are important for us. To guarantee this we work with skilled, friendly drivers and a luxury and young car park.

The Take A Taxi fleet consists of luxury and well-maintained cars. These are equipped with a navigation system and an advanced taximeter system which is coupled with GPS, so we know at all times where our vehicles are located.

What does a taxi cost?

The taxi costs of each ride are determined by a number of factors: starting price, distance and duration of the trip. Are you curious about our sharp rates? Calculate your cab ride right on our website.